Closed Loop Apron Hanger

Steel Hanger.

Designed for Valet Rack.


Heavy Duty Steel Hanger

Holds up to 22.7 kg


Lead Gown Price Calculator

Choose your Size
(XS) X-Small:    18″ / 46 cm Wide – Fits Chest 30-34″ / 76.2-86.4cm
(S) Small:         20″ / 51 cm Wide – Fits Chest 34-38″ / 86.4-96.5cm
(M) Medium:     22″ / 56 cm Wide – Fits chest 38-42″ / 96.5-106.7cm
(L) Large:          24″ / 61 cm Wide – Fits Chest 42-46″  106.7-116.8cm

Regular lead = 0.5mm

Mobile Apron Rack 1.17mt

Octostop Half Ingot Filter

Half Ingot Filter

L29 x W19 x H4.5 cm approx 1.8kg.


The vet mitt features a palm slit allowing fingers to exit for freedom of movement during radiography. Contour cut to fit the arm and covered in blue nylon.

Vinyl Lead Seamless Gloves

Seamless lead vinyl gloves are made with supply vinyl and a foam liner and are available in blue. 0.5mm Pb

Nolan Filter, Gonad Shield System Set

Gonad Shield System Set: Set of male and female gonad shields and belt.

Open Palm Shield

Open Palm Vet Mitt shields the back of the hand and features hook and loop strap closure across the palm for quick removal. Covered in dark blue weblon