Barium Paste 20ml

Utilised for equine radiographic diagnosis for the detection and treatment of various conditions including laminitis.  Ready to use 20ml Barium syringe to contrast the anterior hoof wall.

Running a 2mm bead of ATX Barium paste directly from the syringe supplied over the dorsal median hoof wall extending from the coronary band to the tip of the toe allows for accurate identification of the wall border, toe length and estimation of multiple angles of the dorsal hoof wall.

ATX Portable X-Ray Generator 1.8kW


1.8 kW Battery Type

ATX Portable X-Ray Generator 2.4kW

2.4 kW Portable
Output Power  2.4 kW
Line Voltage 110 / 220VAC
50/60Hz single phase
Focal spot size 1.2 mm
kV Range 40 ~ 100kV
mA Range 10 ~ 40mA
X-RAY Tube Manufacturer : Toshiba
Model No. : D-125SB
Size (mm) 360 X 230 X 223(H) mm
Net weight 12.7kgs

ATX Portable X-Ray Generator 5kW

5 kW Portable
Output Power 5.1 kW
Line Voltage 110 / 220VAC
50/60Hz single phase
Focal spot size 1.8mm / 0.5 mm
kV Range 40 ~ 100kV
mA Range 0.32 ~ 200mAs
SID measurement: Automatic SID display by

Ultrasonic sensor

Size (mm) 360 X 230 X 223(H) mm
Net weight 12.7kgs

ATX X-Ray Equine Station

The Equine X-ray Station is comprised of:

  • ATX Smart portable long life battery powered X-ray generator (ATX EPX-F1600 1.6kW 90KV/30MA) View here
  • Ultra-140V DR (14x17inch / Wireless / CSI ) View here
  • Tough Book or GETAC laptop
  • ATX acrylic hard DR protector
  • DR carry bag
  • One year trial of iTX Cloud PACS, EzyVet Integration available View here,
  • Compliance testing as per local radiation health regulations.

Optional accessories:

  • Lead gown start up package (1 lead gown, 1 thyroid collar, 1 pair of vet mitts).
  • Premium Extended warranty for DR detectors. Includes DR regular maintenance, unlimited remote support and hot swap units in case of breakdown (DR &PC) plus 25% discount on service visits
  • Podoblocks: or cowboybox this unique system guarantees maximum radiation distance and no fingers on the x-raysView here
  • Protective charging transport case, able to content the X-Ray unit, DR, PC and charger.
  • DR hard protector & stand-off kit:  the DR panel protective case & stand-off kit has been designed to protect your x-ray DR panel out on the field.
    the stand-off arm can be used to distance the operator from the initial X-Ray beam & animal where possible. This protective case fits a 14×17 inch DR panel & will provide 1 meters distance when using the stand-off arm. View here
  • Equine tunnel- heavy duty: the ATX DR protective tunnel is a protector that can be used to perform X-Ray studies of equine extremities eliminating potential damage that can occur.  This unit is  constructed to protect a 35x43cm (14x17inch) DR or CR panel. It has 6 rubber feet to ensure a strong footing and provide grip to all surfaces & terrain. (current pictures does not include this feature). View here
  • Acrylic hard DR protector- Podoblock